Ready to Learn About Marketing?

If you fit into any of the below categories, then Marketing Study Lab is the answer to all your Accredited Marketing Qualification questions:
- Looking for employment in Marketing
- Looking for career progression in Marketing
- Want to learn more about Marketing
- Entrepreneur
- Apprentice

So What's Stopping You?

It's time to get excited about your future in Marketing!
My name is Peter Sumpton and I am a Chartered Marketer, founder of Marketing Study Lab and a tutor of Marketing qualifications. Marketing Study Lab was set-up to take the hassle and frustration out of achieving professional Marketing qualifications, which can prove to be a barrier to learning for some:
Barrier: Price – Every course is too costly
Solution: We try our absolute best to make sure we are the most affordable
Barrier: Time – You can’t find the time to dedicate to studying
Solution: We will find a way of grabbing time from your busy schedule to fit in the learning you will need to pass
Barrier: Resources – Limited resources to help with your studies
Solution: Marketing Study Lab is linked to the CIM Accredited Study Centre - Professional Academy, offering even more resource than can be found within our FREE Resources section.
Barrier: Response – Fast response times you require are not available
Solution: We only take on a select number of students, providing my full attention to each and every one
Barrier: Learning – Nowhere offers the right variation in resources
Solution: From distance (individual) to one-on-one tutoring (online) or a mixture, whatever way you feel comfortable learning, we can offer it
If you are still reading, then the type of studying we offer if definitely for you, congratulations on making it this far – it just shows how dedicated you will be when studying and I would be delighted to have you on my team! Now lets take the next step together, with our step by step sign-up process.

Is a Marketing Qualification Right For You?

Still not convinced Marketing Study Lab is for you? That's perfectly acceptable. I want you to be comfortable that one of our courses is exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps understanding the following will help you make a decision:
1) You are looking to pass a Marketing qualification
2) You want a fair and just price to gain a Marketing qualification
3) You want to be guided through the qualification process by someone with first hand experience
4) You want to learn about Marketing as well as how to pass exams / assignments set by CIM
5) You are not interested in being just a number (I only take on a select few students per qualification)
6) You are looking for open and honest feedback from a dedicated tutor
7) You would like continual support and mentoring pre and post qualification.