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Over the coming weeks, not only do we have some amazing guests to chat with, but we’ll be taking a look at the Marketing Mix, more fondly known as the 7 P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, People and Physical Evidence. This week we start with product. But first we need to have a little chat with Branka Injac Misic.

Branka Injac Misic is the CMO of GigSuper, a company that helps the self-employed manage their money. Sound boring? Well it’s Branka job to turn taxes into something we should all be excited about by looking after the community of customers that use GigSuper. All this while also running her own company – that offer prints, posters and artwork to inspire and promote adventure amongst mums and baby boys.



- Streamlining a customers experience is hugely important and can make a massive difference, especially in complex industries such as finance. Branka breaks down the perceptions and walls that are built around the complex and keeps it as simple as possible.

- CX and UX are different. A user experience (UX) usually sits within the Customer Experience (CX). This is the usability of the product or service, whereas the CX covers EVERYTHING – from what the customer hears and does, to the branding the journey and the main touch points throughout this journey.

- Base everything on customer research. The clue is in the title – CX! It is their (the customers) experience and you need to under what they need and are looking for to provide the right experience.


Top Tip – 7P’s - Product

The product element of a marketing mix is easy to understand. It’s the product you’re selling to solve a customers problem. Without this, or some carnation of it such as a service, you are basically trying to sell air!.... unless air is actually what you are selling and then this becomes your product.

Within the product section of a Marketing Mix you need to consider what the product is, what it does, why it does this and why people need it.

In terms of its position within the overall mix, the product will help to establish the pricing structure, how it will be sold (i.e. through what channels) and the features and benefits it will invariably be sold upon.


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