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Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. How can you create a Marketing Strategy without this….. truth is you can’t, so lets discuss this later.

First, we’re going to have a chat with Teresa Gandy the Customer Survey and Customer Experience Expert at Clarity CX. The first of two episodes where we take a look at CX in more detail. Starting out as a Business Administrator allowed Teresa to really focus on what matters - viewing and solving other people’s issues. Fast-forward a few years and now Teresa helps to create great customer experiences and improve businesses workflows, especially for smaller businesses, bringing big business practices into the smaller business world and helping them thrive.



- A Customers Experience (CX) is every single touch-point and needs to be considered even before a customer is a customer! With 70% of purchases based around the feelings we have, this experience needs to be tip top

- Culture, process and operational changes are all as important as each other when it comes to CX and they should never be set in stone – they are as living and breathing as your customers. Moving and changing a CX needs to be done along with the changes within the market and consumers.

- To create an excellent survey you need simplicity and speed. But post-survey, remember to share the results unless the whole survey become pretty redundant.


Top Tip – STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, or STP for short is a concept that can help you focus your marketing strategy towards the right target market in three simple steps…… with a little work of course.


Segment your market into sections of similarity. Divisions of people that have the same likes, interests and demographic background in order to understand their place within a certain market.


Which of these segments will you target? And why?

You will need legitimate reasoning behind this why? It could be the largest segment, most profitable, most aligned to your beliefs or even the one that you a closest to! Ideally it will be all of the above, but sometimes we have to make the decision and decide which segment, amongst others is the right one for a limited number of reasons.


Finally, how will you position yourself in order to be viewed as the right solution to your target markets problems. What features and benefits will you use to highlight this fact. Remember to consider competitors as well as you’ll need to position yourself differently and order to, well, differentiate your product, service, software or company from others.

In doing this you place yourself in a unique, one off position within your market that no one else is in and therefore become the only solution within this niche.


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