What Is Marketing Study Lab All About?

I'd like to explain what Marketing Study Lab is all about, the background to why it was started and the reasons for what has led you to land on this page right now.

Marketing Study Lab
isn't for you...

... if you're happy with using tired, outdated Marketing tactics that don't create the results you are looking for or are still using promotional communications without really understanding the 'why'.

Marketing Study Lab
is for you...

If you are not benefiting from the opportunities a robust, long-term marketing plan can create, viewing your Marketing as a cost centre that is haemorrhaging cash and want to learn how Marketing is primed to feed your hangry (a mixture of hungry and angry) business, quantifiable leads or keep your customer happy then...

click the thing below;


Still not sure, try an analogy, see if that helps!

I like to use the Lego analogy here (I like analogy’s as they work really well when trying to explain new concepts to people that have never heard of Lego, yep that person does exist) and the majority of people have heard of Lego so it is quite universal.
Lego – When you were growing up, you played with Lego for three fundamental reasons which were:
a) You knew what it was all about (even if you hadn't played with it the concept was there)

b) You loved playing with all the different shapes and coloured bricks

c) You trusted you could build what the box said you could build

It is this fundamental premise that takes us back to why Marketing is so important – it is the ways in which we communicate a target market, getting them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST us!

I started the company because I want to help you. You're ready to start utilising Marketing to build a successful business, not sure where to start.
I am hoping that through Marketing Study Lab we can share your journey and that I can make it as enjoyable and exciting as I know it can be, so that you don't lose focus on your ultimate goal:

A successful business using Marketing at its core.

Anyway, back to the ‘About’ part of this page

Having been in the Marketing profession for over 20 years and a Marketing tutor for the past 10 years has allowed me to study and practically apply the techniques that work and those that sadly don't, when building a successful business through Marketing strategies and tactics
I want to offer you more than this though, as I believe that to run a successful business you need to know, like and trust Marketing, the theory behind it and how to implement this practically within your business.

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