As it’s supposed to be a ‘quite’ time of the year, for friends and family, I thought I’d do what came naturally and publish a podcast on Christmas Day…… Nice one!

So what can I possible have to say. We’ll quite a lot actually, or my guests do as I have decided to make this a recap show of my journey into podcasting and some of the amazing guests I’ve had on already.

In this episode we say hello again to:

Tracey Tait
Spencer Waldron
PR Smith
Dave Chaffey
Dr Carl Marci
Luke Southern
John Espirian

But I’d like to thank EVERYONE who has listened or taken part in any way shape or form in this or any other podcast. I am truly honoured to speak to each and everyone of you and humbled that each and every one of you are listening.

Merry Christmas and Happy Marketing

Happy Marketing Everyone!

Music Featured on this Podcast:
Sleepy in the Garden
Lobo Loco
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