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Casper Pedersen
[email protected]


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Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Video SEO is one of those Marketing techniques that can very easily be missed off the agenda in a ‘post it and see what happens’ culture. But it is this type of thinking that will limit your exposure and overall success within Video Marketing.

Casper Pederson is a Video Marketing Strategist for TwentyThree, a company that helps you run video and generate inbound, social and demand generation successfully. And this all comes about from analysing the data and not just creating video content, but also focusing on the bits you don’t see to maximise each videos potential, including the use of SEO to do just that.

In this episode we cover;
• How to squeeze as much from each video as possible
• What elements other than quality video content should we be focusing on?
• Why you shouldn’t use YouTube embeds
• How to protect your websites SEO and attract more visitors
• The time you have on each platform to keep someone’s attention

Watch the episode video;



  • Video should never be just a ‘click and share’ piece of content and a distribution plan will help you get as much exposure in front of the right people as possible. Remembering to focus on the media that you control as well. More control means you have more undivided attention.
  • Think about video creation like you would a blog. This can be used in multiple ways right through the sales funnel – Snackable content at the top, detailed, long-form content at the bottom.
  • And finally, the SEO part. Remember to focus on these four key elements;
    The title
    The description
    The tags
    The thumbnails

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