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Joe Glover
The Marketing Meetup: https://themarketingmeetup.com

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Well this is a first for Marketing Study Lab, we’ve ran out of guests! Of course not – but over the next three episodes we’ll be chatting to some familiar faces. So let’s meet our first two timer – Mr. Joe Glover, the Founder of the Marketing Meetup amongst other things.

I’m delighted to welcome Joe back to the show after initially appearing on episode 96 where we discussed what it takes to put on amazing events…. But what happens when you can’t put on those events? When circumstances out of your control determine that your whole business model is thrown out of the window.

Joe had a decision to make, does he pause what he has been building over the past few years, or does he look for other ways to provide value to his thriving community? Well it wouldn’t be much of a podcast if it was the pause option would it!

So what does this look like and how do you transition from what is seen as a threat to your business model to generating opportunities to be even better than before.

In this episode we chat about;
– The first thing to do when circumstances change
– Transitioning from offline to online events
– What is needed to do this both emotionally and physically

Watch the episode video: https://youtu.be/XUj_6II2P_Y

– It’s OK to go through the stages that change brings, in your own time as you need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle what is needed to be done. Joe spent some time coming to terms with basically needing to change his whole business model, but when ready he created something that was even better than before!

– If the poop does hit the fan you need to gather your thoughts and start to take actionable steps to resolve these issues. Consider things like;
– Software and hardware required
– What can you bring across from what you are currently doing, what needs tweaking and what needs a complete change
– Look to technology and how this can be utilised to offer a better service
– Don’t forget the Marketing and comms!

– And finally, look for the opportunities. Joe took his sign up functionality from an external source to having full control of the process. So where can you bring something in-house to make your customer journey even better.

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