What can us Marketers learn from accountancy? Turns out, quite a lot when it comes to assignments and exams and we’re not talking numbers and figures here. We’re talking straight-up, invaluable tips for passing your Marketing Qualifications. So who is this accountant that we’ll be chatting to today.

Welcome, Mr James Perry, who has traversed from Accountant to Accounting Exam Coach. James is spreading his words of wisdom over podcasts, videos, coaching and public speaking while also speaking in schools about emotional wellbeing & entrepreneurship. But what me and James will be chatting about today are the missing elements of passing an exam or an assignment, which are applicable to many different professions, especially accountancy and marketing.

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– In any assessment situation it’s easy to get carried away and see the questions you want to see. Read and reread the question, making sure you answer the task given, not your own.

– Check the weighting of each question, in terms of the marking scheme, working out the word or page count per mark. This will determine how much or how long you should be writing for before moving onto the next question. Remember, the first few marks are the easiest so if you need to move onto another question and come back to this one, just leave a little space.

– It’s easy to forget the real world when writing an assignment, but using real world examples can really make your answer pop! It also helps with the following fundamental elements of any answer:

– Highlights wider reading and research
– Provides justification for your answer
– Shows an element of understanding for your own organisation and others

Top Tip
Here is a bonus top tip from James, not me this week and that is, ‘you can’t eat an elephant in one bite! And what James means by this is don’t see your exam / assignment as one huge piece, break it down into manageable sections, that you can control and focus on, one bit at a time. Be it by task, section, question or even breaking the questions down bit by bit to make sure you cover all the necessary elements – oh and I’m going to interject here with my two pennies worth – start the question by bullet pointing the key areas you must / need to cover to gain the marks and work from there, elaborating on each one so that they each make sense and are justified.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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