I want to introduce you to Post-It Marketing, which is posted on all the relevant social platforms, but mainly LinkedIn. These are 30 to 60 second videos about a Marketing topic to give you an insight into the industry and some of its nuances, but more of that later on.

But first, let’s have a chat with Phil Nottingham, from Wistia the go to chap for Video Marketing, which is integral to consider in todays Marketing communication planning. We’ll find out how to create compelling videos and how they can help with SEO.


– Remember that the story, is all about the story regardless of the production value. It’s the narrative and the message that will win out and putting people front and centre. Phil says that the best videos are those that reduce the barrier that technology has put in our way. A more human way of communicating.

– How do you create compelling video (regardless of your budget)….

1 – You need to understand your goals and positioning of the brand

2 – The main goals for the video, which links to;

3 – What is your call to action, what are you looking for your ideal clients to do once they’ve watched the video. Remember Channel, Action, Message.

4 – Pre-Production Planning – You’ll need a script, locations, actions, etc

5 – Recording

6 – Editing and Post-Production

7 – Optimise for the channels you intend to use to output your content – Supporting copy, thumbnails and all that intro stuff

8 – Promotion (sometimes forgotten, but to achieve your goals, hugely important

– Videos can have a big impact on your SEO. Search engines may not be as good at crawling videos as they are images and text, but they are improving all the time and do have an impact, just check out the video search results on Google!

– And check out soapbox, which can help with you own video strategy: https://wistia.com/soapbox

Post-It Marketing (Professionally Simple)

I want to bring you as much information to help you with your studies as I possibly can and what I have found is that short sound bites along with long form content (i.e. this podcast) works really well and compliments each other.

So what am I talking about? Well, Post-It Marketing is just that, me with a post-it note creating 30 to 60 second videos about a Marketing topic to give you an insight into the industry and some of its nuances.

From the acronyms we come across to how a chicken dinner can breakdown the differences between omni and multi-channel marketing. I try and cover it all!

Check them out at https://marketingstudylab.co.uk/free-resources/marketing-post-it/ or connect with me on LinkedIn, where these post-its are posted regularly. And remember the Marketing Study Lab Facebook Group for a whole host of other Marketing related stuff.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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The Objectivist principal of epistemology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Introduction_to_Objectivist_Epistemology