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Video is undeniably an important part of the Marketing function, with so much content being video based. In fact around 4.5 million videos are now viewed on YouTube alone – in just 60 seconds.

So who better to talk us through all things video related than Mark Harman, the Video Producer for Red Books Production. Not only does Mark work from pre to post production, but, it’s about working out how a videos can work for an individual and help to engage with their specific audience, on a regular basis using episodic content rather than one off pieces. And Mark has been doing this stuff since 2007 (I’m keen to understand what he used to film way back when)!

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– One of the main benefits for creating video content is the awareness that it brings you as an individual and subsequently your business. It makes you more approachable as people already know who you are, what you do and, if you do it right, what problems you can  help them solve.

– Although Mark stated that it is a big commitment to create regular video content (his popular Video Show is now over 260 episodes) the rewards are worth it, including the exposure we just mentioned, the engagement video content can bring is impressive – especially on LinkedIn, which is kind of how we ended up chatting and recording this podcast.

– And the good news, as long as you have a phone with a camera in it, you can just start! Start small and then look to improve when you start to build you confidence and engagement…. But starting is the most important step, so lets all start making videos and build our personal brands into something worth watching!

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