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Natalie Alleblas

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If you’re in to working smarter, not harder then this weeks guest is for you. Natalie Alleblas, the SEO Sleuth is here to talk about all things SEO.

With a love for data (from working for one of Australia’s Big 4 banks) and words (beginning her career in PR), Nat’s ethos is to save time and money by helping you implement SEO so you can be found online. No dark arts, no dodgy stuff, just a nerd and her numbers.

Nat practices what she preaches and utilises her skills in her own businesses, making that all important organic traffic work as hard as it can.

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– SEO isn’t just one part of a Marketing Strategy, it can infiltrate every facet of it. Think about it – EVERYTHING we do, from the customers we speak to, to the product descriptions we provide can impact SEO in some way, either by helping create the right content, or fundamentally being visible online! Which is the overall aim isn’t it?

– If you haven’t heard of EAT before, Nat has now brought it to our attention. EAT is a Google acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Which is what Google are looking for in terms of website content and author! So if you’re an expert in your field and you write about your experty things Your EAT-tastic!

– And finally, at the end of the day, make sure you’re writing for your audience. If you’re content is on point about a particular subject matter and it’s written for those who care about this, then you’re pretty much onto a winner.

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