We covered a topic very briefly on episode 44 with Mr Ryan Holtz, which was CRM (Customer Relationship Management). We skirted over the idea of what this is and why it was important but not the specifics, which is what we’ll be doing later on in this episode.

But first, lets have a chat with Evan Wyk, a Brand Guardian and believe me, after this conversation you’ll really understand what a brand guardian is and should be. Evan has worked within the media sector over the past 20 some years and now helps brands if they are a bit stuck in today’s busy marketing landscape. Evan helps companies draw the attention of those they seek to serve – their idea clients.


– So what is a brand then? Evan explains that a brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room – I don’t think he meant bitchin, well Jeff Bezos didn’t when he said it anyway. This goes deeper than a name, it is a perception of quality, that spreads further than an organisation can do so itself. People remember what you told them, not what you sold them!

– Consistency of brand is vital, especially on a Global scale. If it isn’t the same your target market will be getting confused with who you are and what you do. The best way to counteract this or control it – a brand bible, a set of guidelines that is the encyclopedia of your brand and who doesn’t love a good encyclopedia.

– And finally, a brand is important for the internal company benefits as well as the benefits it brings to an audience. This means it can build confidence, improve quality and increase the expertise by attracting the best candidates. All of which subsequently means a better customer service.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

So what is Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, it’s a massive diary and address book for organisations. But lets get a bit more technical here. A CRM is an approach that an organisation decides to take in regards to its interactions with potential and current customers, using software to have input, manage and analyse this information.

The idea being, that if all the information about a customer is stored in the same, accessible location and kept up to date, then this will make it easier to serve them and ultimately drive revenue. It also offers the opportunity to chop and manipulate the data to produce analytical reports that help in understanding the make-up of your customer base and any current trends.

Some CRM systems such as Safesforce can now be integrated with other software that allows further admin, marketing, financial and sales functionalities, creating efficiencies with a business and a seamless journey from the customers perspective.

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