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Without giving to much away and with no spoilers, I recently had the pleasure in interviewing PR Smith (pictured). For those of you who don’t know who this is, then you should really ask yourself two simple questions;

1 – What are you doing on a Marketing website?
2 – How have you lived your life without using the great SOSTAC® model?
(both of which I suppose are questions for another day)

The mission is quite simple: To get sportsmanship back on the agenda of kids, coaches & commentators. What does this mean? To inspire young & old, male & female, able & disabled to ‘feel good’ & behave honourably and also encourage participation in sport by promoting great moments of sportsmanship and what we can all learn from these. Especially for the younger generation in a time of great exposure to so much negativity and fake news in the world – why can’t we all focus on the positive aspects of live that help us grow and develop into good human beings!!!!!

The programme has many facets from the obvious social media pages (all links are below), to the more details (TEDtalk), videos and also a book which can be purchased from the obvious places – Great Moments of Sportsmanship. But the amazing part to all of this is the main objective that isn’t really discussed above and this is to get this book and other such material into the hands of the youth that generally don’t get the opportunity or exposure to such a great programme.

So to summaries, spread the word, it’s not about cheating, diving, fouling or ;winning at any costs’ although that mentality is important, it’s about great sportsmanship and how we can all benefit from learning from these moments that are etched in time.

My greatest moment of sportsmanship: 1992 Olympics- Derek Redmond and the Love of his Father if you don’t know what this is then please take a look.


 What is your greatest moment of sportsmanship? I love to hear it. Let me know!

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