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Social media can be viewed as the second internet, it’s got its own place in our Digital Strategies, but how do you succeed on these platforms. It isn’t a case of show up, use it like you would if you were talking to family. It needs to be seen as and used as a business tool.

When I chatted to Dot Lung back in episode 99 we discussed (amongst other things) her DRANGONS formula for social success. I felt it didn’t get the airtime it deserves as it was stuck at the back of our conversation rather than front and centre.

Now with an online course to accompany the formula, I’m delighted to share this section of the episode with you all as it is truly Actionable Marketing Knowledge.

No random question, no back story, just straight into the DRANGONS formula and how it can lead to social success.

So here is Dot Lung to talk you through it.

If you want to have a strategy for your social content, look no further than Dot Lungs DRAGONS formula. Here is a recap;

Dialogue – You need to be saying the right things. Make sure you are having human to human contact by concentrating on the conversation.

Relatability – Can you create content that sparks emotion and ‘like-ability’. Try telling stories that are relatable to your audience.

Authenticity – Stay true and stay you! Be authentic and true to your brand.

Giving Value – You must be delivering value consistently and give before your take. The more you give, the more you get.

Opinion – This can be a great conversation starter and generates engagement. You will find your true fans by sharing your opinion.

Niche – Find your niche and be specific. Trying to speak to everyone means you are speaking to nobody. Dot says this is around 250 people.

Scaling – As every dragon has scales 🙂 but your gonna have to talk to Dot to uncover this one!

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