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Guest and Episode Links
Mark Kingston Jones

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Let’s make forced fun part of our businesses culture;
– Go on go to the Xmas doo, it will be fun
– Come to the family BBQ, we have burgers and a bouncy castle
– What do you mean you don’t want to be part of our book club?

This is an all too familiar and disheartening sight for many people. But there are other ways to get your team working closer together with a passion and commitment most football teams would be proud of and Mark Kingston Jones (our guest this week) has just the answer, co-funding Team Building, with BITE.

Mark and his team offer other teams the chance to build items for animals in zoos and sanctuaries, which are then seen being used by the animals themselves. That sounds so satisfying. But how does this help teams improve their communication and connection with what they do?

In this episode we cover;
– What makes a good team building session
– Engaging with a disconnected workforce
– Positive long-term effects of team-building
– Why in-house training is never a good idea, or is it?

Watch the episode video:

Top Tip
Bespoke training or team building is much more successful than the standard ‘one size fits all’ approach, so make sure before setting any type of training up, you do your research and really understand what you will get out of the experience and how it will specifically impact a team.

Favourite Quote
‘they are choosing to get involved rather than being told – you must engage, you must interact’ – no one likes forced fun and is this something you would advocate within your social life, no! So don’t do it for your team, make activities voluntary and if they are beneficial, fun, engaging and exciting, people will want to join in anyway.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode
If you are looking for a team building exercise, make it memorable! This means the impact it has will be felt over the long-term rather than it producing a short, instant boost that is forgotten in a few weeks.

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