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Sandy Grigsby
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Here is the image Sandy talks about near the start of the podcast

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!


Deep down we all think we are good with a camera, a keen eye of a good pic, but when you come up against someone who knows their craft well, you realise that you should probably just stick to the family holiday snaps.

Sandy Grigsby is not only one of the top photographers in the US, with clients flying from around the world to get in front of her camera – from Influencers and Fortune 500 Executives, to Billionaires, Thought Leaders, and Celebrities, but within these snaps Sandy can heighten your personal brand and give you that confidence you didn’t know you had, or as Sandy puts it; this can be your Confidence Catalyst.

A psychologist behind a camera basically!

We always hear that being authentic is important, but is this possible in a world where it is easy to criticise from behind a keyboard? And why do photos spark such emotions in us. Luckily, Sandy can help us understand the answers.

But first. As someone who wears glasses, I needed to ask this! Do glasses make people look more professional?


– Sandy kindly gave us some simple tips to make our profile photos (or our own photos) better, remember:

– You need to be prepared mentally unless it will show

– Correct your posture and show your confidence to the camera

– Turtle neck it and use your butt – stick it out!

It may feel a little odd but the camera sees us differently to what we see through our own eyes, so use these tips to get better results

– Photography can be so powerful as a camera can capture a singular moment in time. It is also compounded by the fact that a photo can make you think, spark imagination and curiosity – it can mean different things to different people – a video can’t do this as it is continually moving and there is usually a narrative. So think about how a photo will make people think and react.

– And finally, if you’re not looking to fly to the US for Sandy’s services, what should we look for in a photographer and how should we prepare for a photo shoot?

– Firstly, go through their profile and work out if these are the types of images you want. Taking an holistic view of the overall portfolio of work

– Secondly, take the confidence steps Sandy talked us though previously

– And finally, be camera ready. Get a good nights sleep, TWO nights before, not one but two!

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