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Episode Intro

Where is the place to be? Why is location (physical or digital important). This will become apparent a little bit later on. Diana can basically turn your video, audio and graphics into something that people want to learn from. 

But first we’re chatting to Diana Wilson, a freelance video editor who’s niche is within the online course creation market. Taking your audio and video and making into something people want to learn from. Not only that but Diana also helps her clients with the sales and marketing elements of their business.

Certain circumstance (as we’ll find out later) is what drove Diana to enter this market, but in doing so it became apparent that this was not only her passion, but she was pretty darn good and what she offered. But enough of that, what I initially wanted to know is –

Diana, what is the most unusual thing that most people do not know about you?


– If you’re struggling to understand where you fit in life or where your passions is that you can make a living around, Diana has the perfect antidote: Write everything down, find the middle, how you can combine these elements and focus on this and solely this – your sweet spot! 

– When creating an online course, audio, visual, content and the value you bring are all important aspects. If you know your audience, you can tailor what you are providing to what they actually want rather than what you ‘think’ they need. Two very different propositions indeed.

– Preparation, preparation, preparation. Start with the basics and then develop from there. If you can create a roadmap for the entire development process then this will keep you on course, reduce procrastination and make you more efficient. Which is very similar to writing a Marketing Assignment. Do your prep, start off with the main points you want to get across and then develop your answer from there.

Top Tip – 7 P’s – Place

Where do you by your stuff? Online, retail store… ’round the back’?

Regardless of where you purchase, when you are thinking of ‘Place’ within a marketing mix there are a few elements that are critical to consider when thinking of your route to market. 

The first element is how much control do you need within the whole supply chain? If you need to keep a tight control of what your product and service looks like, the packaging, protection and the delivery as this is what make you unique then its worth considering going direct to consumer. If you are happy to relinquish control or it’s more cost effective, it may be worth handing this over to a Distributor or a Wholesale who will take this task away from you.

Other elements that may determine your channel selection could be:

– Geographical location. If local the  you may be able to facilitate delivery, international, is it better to hand this over to an expert that already has the infrastructure to deal with this shipping

– Product characteristics such as fragility and the trust put in your supply chain to handle delivery with no repercussions. This is similar for high ticketed items and the security required to delivery them.

– Don’t forget the dreaded legal issues, legislation, tax implications, trade descriptions and the crossing of international borders, as well as the variations of these within different countries.

Make sure the places you intend to use suite both your company, the product or service you are delivering and, most importantly it matches your target markets expectations, no, exceeds your target markets expectations.

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