Yes, it's official, I am a SOSTAC® Certified Planner. I have been using SOSTAC® (created by PR Smith) my entire working life and it has been the backbone of many Marketing Strategies. Before I tell you why you should also become a certified planner of what the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) rated one of the best Marketing, NO, Business Models in history, let me just breakdown what SOSTAC® is and why it is so simplistically brilliant.

Situation Analysis: The where are you now bit
Objectives: What do you want to achieve and be specific
Strategy: The all-encompassing focus and vision for how you will achieve these objectives
Tactics: The specific elements of the strategy
Actions: What is required to fulfil these tactics
Control: Measurement and control

I don't want to ramble on for too long about each individual component as there is plenty of information out there for you to enjoy and many others can put it far more eloquently than I can.

Personally, I recommend the following two sites to give you all you could ever need to get you going:

1) SOSTAC® Planning - Let PR Smith talk you through his very own model.

2) There is a brilliant book called The SOSTAC® Guide to Writing your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan by PR Smith that is definitely worth a read (it looks very, very similar to the one featured on this webpage)!

All I will say however, is that if you learn, understand and start to use this framework, not only for Marketing purposes, but for everything that requires a structured system with specific goals at the end of it then you should check out the simple, yet brilliant SOSTAC® Certified courses.

Why become a SOSTAC® Associate?

- Learn how to build a professional plan
- See how it all fits together
- Excellent starter course
- Get an Associate Certificate
- Great for CV submissions
- Use SOSTAC® correctly in CIM assignments
- Access to SOSTAC® Certified Professionals

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