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Episode Intro

This episode is all about people. People online, people on social, people in……yep, real-life, real people imagine! Not only will we look at this element of the Extended Marketing Mix, but this topic is what our next guest is all about.

Mark Shaw is known for his out spoken posts on social media, but he is also known as the Anti-Social Speaker, why?

After numerous, unrelated jobs, Mark became one of the UK’s leading authorities on social media and for 10 years was the ‘go to guy’ for the BBC, Sky News, journalists & businesses. Now, he is trying to expose the frailties behind what a lot of Marketers see as their only comms channel – social media. Mark is not anti-social media as he is anti-what social has become.


– When using social media as part of your marketing communications, although you should always remember… it is a social platform, from a business perspective you need to ask yourself – Does it drive the needle nearer to our main objective? If not you need to start questioning your motives and strategy! This isn’t to say all posts should be salesy, far from it. Be helpful, engage and be social!

– But how do you get noticed on social platforms. Here are Marks top tips:

– Stand for something

– Be exciting in a way that resonates with your ideal clients

– Value your audiences time as much as you value your own

– And finally we’ll end with a great quote from Mark ‘If you want to lead the Orchestra, you need to turn your back on the audience’. That’s not to say ignore your tribe, the people you want to be speaking with, no. It simply means, be you, do you, this is your niche as there is no one else like you on this planet.

Top Tip – The 7 P’s – People

The final P. People. Where do people fit into the extended marketing mix? This was originally introduced as part of the extended mix for services but I feel it’s as relevant within a product-based company as it is a service.

People form part of the service you are offering,  be it a health spa or a retail outlet. But they are much more than just ‘people’. These superstars determine the level of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction that is created every time they come into contact with one of your or their customers.

Think of a bad experience you’ve had and I can almost guarantee it either included someone doing something poorly or unprofessional – not to the level you expected, or they were part of the solution – either positively or negatively. That is how important ‘people’ are.

In order to get this element of the mix to a high standard, it all starts with hiring the right people, with the right attitude and skills so they can deal with customers professionally and most importantly of all – in line with your brand values.

A great way to highlight this is the service you would get in McDonalds and at the Ritz. Both may be impeccable, applaudable, but they would both be very different experiences, conforming to each companies brand values.

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