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If you’ve never heard of Jeff J Hunter before, you’re clearly not doing social media correctly. Jeff is the go to guy for influencer marketing and building a personal brand. He is the guy behind the guy’s and gal’s we all know. But that’s not what’s important here.

What is important is Jeff’s ability to be open, transparent, honest and show a real passion for Branding, taking his real life experience and implementing this with great success for others. 

You may also know Jeff as the Savage Marketer, an outsourcing specialist or even a travel expert, skilled in getting businesses to run efficiently, even when you’re not around. 

But in this episode we cover everything from:

Social channels
Facebook groups
Changing your habits
How to be consistent with your posts
How giving value to others is always the best thing to do
And how TikTok helped save someone’s life

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– The key platforms we should all be taking a peak at, at the moment are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. Now it’s important that your target audience are on whatever platform you invest your time in unless you will be shouting into a very big, dark, empty social room!

– To effectively use social media you need to start to build your own eco-system. One way to do this is via Facebook Groups. You have a dedicated audience that have signed up to hear and learn from you. Just make sure you’re engaging and active.

– And finally, Jeff was kind enough to mention his copywriting hack that gets results; CLEAR:

C: Curiosity
L: Leading them in with Value
E: Drawing on Emotions
A: Analysing to build expertise
R: Creating a call to Reaction

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