Have you got the right mindset? Struggling to sit down and concentrate? I have a little tip for you that will help you here.

Before that, let’s chat with Sara Bliss, writer, digital content strategist and more important, a New York Times bestselling author (that’s a first on the Marketing Study Lab podcast). Sara’s latest book Take the Leap, features stories of those men and women that have radically changed their careers and ultimately their lives and as you can image there are a lot of learnings to be had here – but more on that later. This is Sara’s 11th book after such title as Hotel Chic at Home and Bobbi Brown – Pretty Powerful.

As you can imagine Sara’s career also spans a multitude of writing positions such as Senior Writer and Editor for Yahoo with articles also published in the Wall Street Journal and Esquire to name just to from a large list of titles.


– In researching and writing the book Take the Leap, Sara discovered that switching careers isn’t easy as the book covers the good and bad parts of this transition. Which is the same as a Marketing Qualification, yes it’s difficult and yes there will be changes in your lifestyle required, but do it anyway as this is where the magic happens – and we all have it in us to make changes.

– When writing for different brands, Sara explained that its all about translation and understanding who the brand is and what it stands for. Again, similar connotations can be seen within a Marketing Assignment, you must remember who you are writing for and why! You must translate what you are saying into something that is easy to understand and will gain marks

– And finally. If you are struggling with writing your assignment, first find an outline and an idea of where you need to go with the answer. Then you can start to give it structure, focusing on the key points. Make it compelling, engaging and above all….. your own!


So you sit down to start your Marketing assignment and all you can think of is thousands of excuses why not to do it right now, gotta wash my cup up, do some washing, ironing, just check the footi score, wondering what’s happening on Instagram? All those kinds of things.

And this is easy to do when you feel you have a mountain to climb, so get off your own back and listen to these short tips that will help you knock you assignment into shape:

– Where do you do your best work? Need silence, music, inspiration, a clean space? Whatever it is find it and lay everything out so you’re comfortable with your surroundings

– Flip the phone. Put your phone on silent and turn it over, its easy to get distracted by a ping or a red dot!

– Get a brew, water, snacks, so you haven’t got the excuse that ‘you’ll just go and grab this or that’

– And the final most important one – take breaks, regularly, only 5/10 minutes but take them – set the timer on your phone (before you flip it) for around 40-50 minutes or longer if you feel confortable with that and dive deep into your work for this time period, then take the break, give yourself some space and let what you have written stew for a little while, when you come back to it, you may see it from a different angle or know you have nailed it first time.

Sara Bliss:
@sarablissnyc: https://www.instagram.com/sarablissnyc/

Take the Leap – Sara Bliss: https://amzn.to/2T1KRhk
Barbara Corcoran – Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 Into a Billion Dollar Business: https://amzn.to/2EYBp9r