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Mark Bowden

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Are you sitting comfortably. You may not be after we chat to our next guest as he is one of the top body language experts in the world. If you were ever to watch a podcast on video… this is the one (link is in the show notes).

Mark Bowden is a body language expert, keynote speaker and best-selling author. As a global authority on nonverbal communication, Mark trains people how to use their body language to stand out, win trust and gain credibility through his company TRUTHPLANE®, the name will become apparent later.

In this episode we’ll learn a whole host of actionable tips that we can utilise straight away to make our body language impactful in the way we want t be seen.

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– Love Marks take on making assumptions about body language and how making these stick subconsciously can cause lasting effects (or thoughts) that are incorrect. Always be asking … maybe, allowing you to consider the future possibilities that these feelings may change, from a negative to a positive. Always have an open mind.

– I’ve been reading this all wrong in thinking that crossed arms are a negative signal! I’m a stickler for crossing my arms and have always been told it’s defensive and now we know, it’s a sign of comfort. Maybe I was comfortable in my defense. Either way, it just highlights how important it is to read and know your audiences non-verbal behaviours

– And finally, don’t overcomplicate things. It’s easy to fall into the trap of overthinking the smallest, micro gestures and making them into something they’re not. Stick to the obvious, the gestures you can easily recognise that allow you to move the conversation forward in a positive way – Arms folded, I wish you a good day – I actually do have my arms folded – and now you’re either thinking about folding your arms, or they are folded as well….. I’m in your mind!

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