I thought we’d take a look at a model that is relatively overlooked in my opinion. The McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey, but more about that later.

First, let’s meet Ben M Roberts (you can blame his parents for the use of the M). Ben is the Head of Marketing at Talkative, providing software that allows embedded voice, video, chat and co-browsing on websites – which is a really neat idea so check them out. Ben also hosts The Marketing Buzzword Podcast that breaks down common marketing buzzwords to help its listeners, understand and implement them into their Marketing Strategies.


– Building a rapport and a personal relationship with your customers can provide a better service. By assisting and helping customers, either face-to-face, via messaging or over the phone can break down the barriers that some platforms have put up and helps stop the ‘keyboard warrior’

– You can personalise your B2B communications. Take an app like Bonjoro (link in the show notes) that can provide everyone, even at an exhibition, with a personalised video message. Remember the small things add up! – Break your data down and make your content highly personalised and highly relevant to each client individually.

– Ever heard of snackable content? Well a past guest on this show Julia McCoy discussed this with Ben on his own Podcast – Marketing Buzzwords. And Snackable content can be valuable content that has been sliced and diced from a longer piece of content – take this podcast for example, I could share a quote from the chat with Ben, a quote that is interesting and engaging. Where snackable content doesn’t work is when no thought is put into it, as it is such a small piece of content. But isn’t this true of anything. Make it relevant, interesting and engaging…. Always!

McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey

McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey is a break from the traditional marketing or sales funnel. Instead of looking at the different stages of a purchasing decision, which is lineal, step-by-step and in a methodical order, where Marketing touch-points are used to guide and influence consumers to the one and only decision – a purchase. This is no long sufficient to replicate the mountain of information and choices that are available to any one consumer. We now live in a Marketing world where there is always a two-way communication and three parties are now involved in the purchasing decision – the buyer, the seller and the opinions of others (think comparison site) – when was the last time you made a purchase without looking to see how many stars are involved?

The in the McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey it is said that the process is now a circular journey with different four phases:

  • Initial consideration;
  • Active evaluation (researching potential purchases);
  • Closure (when consumers buy brands);
  • Post-purchase, (when consumers experience them).

The main difference here is that consumer now make the conscious decision to potentially add more options and more brands into the mix while still looking to make that final decision, post their initial consideration.

As Marketers we should now focus our efforts on reaching customers at the moment that will most influence their purchases. Ultimately it is all about being in the right place at the right time, providing the information they need to make the right decisions.

More information on this model can be found using the link provided below: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/the-consumer-decision-journey

Ben M Roberts
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