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Lukas Haensch

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The page speed of your website probably isn’t one of those elements that you give much thought to and even if you did, the depth that you went to in order to work out if its tip top or slower than your last health and safety meeting, wasn’t as comprehensive as it should be.

Not to fear, as Lukas Haensch founder of A company that can help increase website conversion rates by (in his own words) making the buyer experience awesome is here to chat about the importance of page speed and how we can improve our own website.

Spending more the 4 years at Google, with a heavy focus on UX (that’s User Experience), Lukas is primed to help us understand the importance of page speed within your Marketing plans and also give us some pointers on the tools and techniques we should be implementing right now.

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– 53% of users will leave your site if a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Which is huge! Think about that. If you were talking to one hundred people who were interested in what you had to say, over half would leave if you paused for more than three seconds.

– Why does Google care about your page speed? Simply put, they want their customers to have a good experience regardless of where they end up. Your poor page speed will tarnish this and Google ain’t gonna be kind to you for that.

– There is no one singular element that will increase your page speed, its all about the individual factors. Here are just some of those to consider:

Image size,
Font files,
And finally your Plugins.

Just make sure you are viewing everything from a performance perspective and see what is effecting this.

Don’t panic though; you don’t have to do this yourself. Try first of all. This will do the heavy lifting for you.

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