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Teresa Heath-Wareing
Check out the training; https://teresa-heath-wareing-b3a9.mykajabi.com/mtc-academy

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Selling online should be easy. After all we can all sell our – let’s call it stuff – on eBay, why should doing it our own way be any different.

Well for starters you don’t have the infrastructure, awareness, budget, online presence or any form of credibility. But, fortunately for us Teresa Heath-Wareing is joining us this week who has a passion for online sale and marketing (as well as gin – both are covered here) and runs the very successful ‘Marketing that Converts’ Academy that helps people build their business online.

Teresa is here to help us with some actionable tips to help us start to build an online business, without the hardship.

In this episode we cover;

  • The basics to selling online
  • The differences between marketing an online business rather offline
  • Where social fits in
  • Why email marketing is still relevant
  • The fundamental mistakes people make

Watch the episode video:


Top Tip – Using social doesn’t have to be time sapping or arduous.
Follow Teresa’s guidance here;
Pick your platform,
Show up consistently,
Add value.

Favourite Quote – ‘Your competitors aren’t your competitors online’ you are dealing with a whole host of other influences that you need to consider – what this means is that it’s really easy to get online, but so difficult to be heard. But you need to start, so start now!

And finally, the most important takeaway from this episode – When building a business offline (the traditional way) it is all about building those relationships and keeping them strong. While the same can be said for any online business, you need to see your audience very differently – keep your content consistent, build a database of clients and get those lead magnets sorted.

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