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Chris Strub

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

Is not-for-profit Marketing different to for profit? We’re going to find out on todays episode.

If you think about it, the comms channels are the same and we would go through the same Marketing planning or strategy, but there must be some differences by way of using the rational and emotional to influence how we think and feel.

To help us understand all this we’re chatting to Chris Strub. Chris helps non-profits make a huge impact by leveraging the power of video to create meaningful change. Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and The Salvation Army to name just two charities Chris has worked with, he is currently focused on hands-on training sessions and live-streamed event hosting in communities around the world.

Chris’s notoriety came in the summer of 2015, when he quit his job to take a solo, unsponsored road trip to all 50 US states, over 100 days visiting and helping charities along the way – inspiring the book ‘50 states, 100 days’

Check out the video for this episode:


– Think about the emotional connection you can create. Take a look at some of the most successful brands in the world – Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, they all use emotion to make a connection with their audience and stay front of mind. Be it through lifestyle, innovation and latest tech or imagination. So how will you spark emotional connections with your audience?

– Use video to show the impact your service is having. It’s not about what you do, no one really cares, it’s the problems you solve (this we found out on the special episode recorded with Ryan Foland back in October 2019 – https://bit.ly/39dSMA9) and showing this through video content can work amazingly well.

– Finally, go behind the scenes. Consistency in content is key and we all need to be thinking like a TV station and producing quality content on a regular basis that goes behind the scenes of what we actually do. Letting people in, being authentic, open and honest can resonate much better than the standard corporate business ‘this is what we’re all about’, staged video can – so let’s be seeing the real you, the real business and the problems that you are solving.

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