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Justin Goldstien

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Building relationships is key in any business, none more so than within PR and what can be classed as developing Media Relations. This isn’t some seedy ‘you starch my back’ approach, this is about building authority and gaining trust for a mutual benefit, in the long term.

My guest this week does just this for his clients. Justin Goldstein is an award-winning public relations practitioner and President and Founder of Press Record Communications, a strategic media relations agency.

Understanding what is required to build these relationships and maintain a solid focus on what you are trying to achieve is what makes Justin stand out from the rest. It is just as much about developing your own story, as it is about getting a reporter’s attention, leading to the coverage you desire.

In this episode we cover;
– Is it all about who you know?
– Formulating a good strategic media plan
– Avoiding negative associations
– Measurements quantify success

Top Tip
It’s good to know that it’s more about the story you have to tell than it is who you know. With this in mind, look at the topics you could be an expert in and own them. But do this with a long term view in mind, don’t focus on the short term gains of appearing once and never again.

Favourite Quote
‘Media relations now is using different media channels to provide value to target audiences’ And isn’t this what we should be doing all the time!!!!! Utilising not only our media relations, but through all channels. Media relations is an excellent way to improve and maximise this and can sometimes be overlooked as a tactic. But don’t as you’ll be missing out!

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode
When building media relations, make it easy for the reporter, journalist or your contact to do their job. Provide a head shot, bio, a synopsis of the main talking points you are willing to cover or have covered and most importantly, don’t double book. You need to be available on their timescale, not your own.

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