Marketing Planning and Implementation

Marketing Planning and Implementation

Getting your business where it deserves to be by removing the heavy lifting from your shoulders onto ours.

Marketing planning and implementation of this plan will help your business get the results you want from your Marketing, with no heavy lifting. We create the plan and implement it. You just watch the results!

Benefits of Marketing Planning and Implementation

Marketing Expertise

Taking our Marketing expertise to develop a plan that WILL generate the right results for you

Chill Out

Implementation of the Marketing plan so you don’t have to lift a finger

Ready to Go!

A Marketing plan that is ready to rock and roll and start working for you


Over 20 years of Marketing experience at your service - your ready-made department awaits

Gain Time Back

Hours of business time saved – we know our stuff, what works and what doesn’t

Get There Quicker

Results driven to achieve your goal faster and more effectively

Stages of Marketing Planning and Implementation

Stage 1: Understanding

Understanding your requirements and what you want to achieve.

Stage 2: Bespoke Planning

Devising a bespoke Marketing Plan aimed at achieving your goals.

Stage 3: Implementation

Implementation of this plan over a set time period.

Stage 4: Monitoring

Scheduled reviews and monitoring for long-term success.

Stage 5: We Go Again!

Celebrate and go again!

Do you need a Marketing Consultant instead?

If your Marketing Department is already primed and ready to go, but lacks that leadership or guidance, you need to consider a Marketing Consultant.

Further Info

Through many years of experience (20 and counting), what I've found is that creating a Marketing Plan is an absolute no-brainer, any numpty can tell you this. Without a plan, you are pretty rudderless - sailing your company ship without any clear direction or way of guiding that ship in the direction you want it to go.

But what about implementing such a plan? 

Once you have a plan, you need to use it! Which is harder than it sounds as 'things' can get in the way. 

'can you just...'

'we need to...'

'this shouldn't take too long...'

Are just some of the statements that can divert you from your plan and this is where we come in as we don't need to hear any of the time-sapping details, we have a plan (external influences aside) and we're sticking to it.

Use us as your sh*t shield.

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