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Guest and Episode Links
Katrina McCarter

Podcast – Marketing to Mums: https://www.marketingtomums.com.au/podcast/
Book – The Mother of All Opportunities: https://amzn.to/3itOOsH

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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Mothers, we all have one. But how well do we know them? Do we really understand their needs and wants, how to influence the decisions they make, the problems they need fixing and the best solutions to these problems?

As Marketers we often hear that niching down, understanding who makes up our target market and getting to know them a whole bunch is key and Katrina McCarter founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums helps her clients understand the Mums market in mega detail.

Katrina’s is a data driven marketer and her research consists of survey reports compiling information from more than 1,800 mum’s. But it doesn’t stop there, Katrina also has a podcast of the same name and is the author of ‘The Mother of All Opportunities’ (as always, the links are in the show notes).

In this episode we discuss;
– Why brands and advertisers don’t understand the mum market
– What opportunities can be capitalised on
– What strategies we should look to implement
– Using social media
– The key mistakes companies are marking

Watch the episode video:


Top Tip
It’s actually a mistake to avoid and that’s when an organisation has the perception that ‘everyone’ is a potential customer and appeal to no one. This means targeting on mass and not understanding the needs and wants of a smaller subset of the market deeply enough to make an impact.

Do your research and get to know those that need your solutions to fix their problems.

Favourite Quote
‘Credibility and trust become big issues for brands and it greatly affects sales certainly loyalty as well’ ` and although Katrina was specifically talking about niching down here, credibility and trust are two factors that need to be addressed, especially for the topics that you want to excel in. Now can you say that about your own organisation?

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode
Don’t forget about your testimonials. Be it written, audio or even video if you can. They are not only a powerful tool for the mums market, but can help to add credibility, provide social proof, increase engagement with others and add stickiness to content in any market. Just make sure you use them once they are collected!

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