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Of course I’m going to start with a review of the 4 C’s of Marketing Communications by discussing, Consistency, which I’m hoping to achieve through this weekly podcast. Am I? Maybe let me know if I’m not and I can look to change things around, or if I am, just drop me a note to say, good job, you’ll find me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]

Anyway, lets meet our guest this week, Louis Grenier, the owner of and Content Lead at Hotjar (an amazing piece of software for tracking website visitors). But today we are more interested in why everyone hates Marketers. It’s easy to see why, as on the face of it Marketing is either seen as intrusive to our lives, fancy advertising or playing around with social media. But this is on the outside and as we all know, good marketing, quality marketing, a marketing orientated approach is so much more than paying lip services to something.

Louis has spent a career, no a passionate obsession on Marketing and through his podcast highlights the shady, aggressive marketing world for what it is, while being an advocate for helpful, respectful, personal and above all else honest marketing.

I have to apologies now, as this first question is the epitome of stereotyping as you’ll understand by Louis amazing accent – Louis What is your favourite wine?


– Focus on understanding your audience first and the go from there. Everything stems from understanding your target market, what they want and why. If you don’t do this ask yourself, where should I start instead – I’m pretty sure you won’t be left with many, if any other options.

– This leads nicely onto where to start on your road to success, which would be interviewing five customers, digging deep into their actual customer journey, from the moment they realised they had a problem to the point of purchase and work from there. From this you’ll be able to discover a lot more about your customers than just ‘what’ they purchased, you’ll be digging into the ‘why’!

– If you want to avoid the shady and aggressive marketing tactics simply do as Louis says – If you wouldn’t do it to your friends, then don’t do it!

Top Tip – The 4C’s of Marketing Communication: Consistency

Think of a brand or a company or a product or a service. These may change over time. What they offer, the personnel, location, logo, etc. But one thing is for sure, whatever you are thinking of will have resonated with you for their consistency in approach. And by maintaining this consistency, they have become memorable to you.

A consistent message will eventually break through the myriad of communication noise we have around us becoming more noticeable, memorable, with a recollection for what they offer becoming easier over time.

The whistle at the end of a fast food chains advert, the chime made when a computer processor is mentioned and of course – Meercats. All of these, although I haven’t mentioned their company names are instantly recognizable because of their consistent and yes, something annoying approach to communication.

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