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Post-It Marketing (Professionally Simple)

Before you watch any of the videos below, let me tell you a little story as to why you’re on a page called Post-It Marketing (Professionally Simple).
I grew up in Cumbria, a sleepy town called Cockermouth (yes it does exist). During these naive times we had a word of things that were really simple. To this day I have no idea where it came from, who first said it or why it stuck, but if you found something easy you’d call it ‘PIMPS’! Now all grown up (a bit), I realise that saying that now would have most people thinking of something completely different than how easy something was, plus, if 50 Cent is spitting lyrics on a song entitled P.I.M.P I am guessing that this saying has now moved on from the innocuous meaning it had way back when.
Anyway, if you haven’t already worked it out, the acronym for Post-It Marketing (Professionally Simple) is…….. PIM(PS)! A long story I know, but to understand the workings of a Marketer, you really have to dig deep.
So on this page you’ll find lots of videos about various Marketing topics to help guide you through the various tools, techniques, theories, methodologies, models and other topics that will hopefully broaden your knowledge a little.
Happy Marketing.

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I try to cover as many topics as I can without it getting boring, but if you have a topic you'd like me to have a little rant about then just drop me an email and I'll post it as soon as I've had my make-up and hair done 🙂

Pick which topics you want to know more about (the titles should give you a clue)

Top 3 Marketing Tactics in 2020
1 Understanding

Top 3 Marketing Tactics in 2020
2 Plan and Achieve

Top 3 Marketing Tactics in 2020
3 Focus on the ONE

Borough Marketing - London
(You're Special)

Pumpkins = Choices
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Top Assignment
Writing Tips

Acronyms - What Do They All Mean?.... Ask FFS!

Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel Marketing... and a Chicken Dinner


Hey Buddy! Carlos Bakery and the Genius of Cakes 🙂

What has a Coconut got to do with Marketing?

Tribes - Where are Your

SWOT Analysis

PIM(PS) - Post-It Marketing (Professionally Simple)
Love Island
Hurt People, Hurt People
GDPR - Revisited!
VR and AR
Colouring In Department
Audio, Visual and Copy
Paid, Owned and Earned Media
Social Media
Geofencing (Kicks)
What are you up to this Weekend?
Telling Stories
My Truth, My Story
SOSTAC® Certified Planner
Intro to Marketing Post-Its