Creating a Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

If you have an amazing team at your disposal, all you need is a Marketing plan to follow. That’s where we come in.

A ready-made Marketing Action Plan will help your business focus on the tactical implementation of this ready-made plan. Faster, more efficient and using the right skills for the right tasks.

Benefits of Marketing Planning

No Time Wasters

No time wasted on planning, that’s our bag! Completely bespoke to your company

Driven by Results

Results driven to achieve your goal faster and more effectively

Focus on the Good Stuff

Maximising your team’s ability as they get to focus on what they are good at

Simple, but Effective

Simple to follow and even if you get stuck, we’re there to help you become unstuck and reap the rewards

Straight Talking

NO waffle or bull sh*t, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Build a Happy Team

Happy team for the win

Stages of Marketing Planning

Stage 1: Understanding

Understanding your requirements and what you want to achieve

Stage 2: Research

Detailed background research to develop an understanding of the current situation of your business internally and externally

Stage 3: Marketing Plan

Create a Marketing Plan that takes you from the right now to reaching your goals

Stage 4: The New Understanding

Full day of hand-over. We go through the whole Marketing Plan, to get everyone motivated and ready to implement. Making sure everything is understood and achievable

Stage 5: We Go Again

Celebrate and go again!

Do you need Marketing planning and implementation?

If your business needs more than just a Marketing Plan, it needs help with the implementation then we've got the right solution for you.

Further Info

We use two different types of Marketing Planning, depending on your requirements and where you are as a business.


I am a SOSTAC® Certified Planner. I have been using SOSTAC® (created by PR Smith) my entire working life and it has been the backbone of many Marketing strategies:

Situation Analysis: The where are you now bit
Objectives: What do you want to achieve and be specific
Strategy: The all-encompassing focus and vision for how you will achieve these objectives
Tactics: The specific elements of the strategy
Actions: What is required to fulfil these tactics
Control: Making sure you are on course to achieve your objectives through measuring and monitoring activity

(check out the creator of SOSTAC® - PR Smith -  discussing the planning framework itself)


For more details on what the BRICK Framework is all about, check out this podcast episode: Marketing and BRICK Theory. In this episode we cover:

• What the BRICK Framework is all about?
• How does it work?
• A dive into each stage of the Framework: Values, Problems, Solutions, Learn, Plan, Develop, Connect and Action


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