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Guest and Episode Links
Troy Sandidge

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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What do you do when you want to chat about your favourite topic – Marketing Strategy? You Find Troy!

Troy Sandidge is Marketing Strategist who has developed a unique formula for helping his clients maxmise their Marketing Plan and like all good Marketers, his formula comes in a nicely packaged acronym – D.A.R.T:
Techniques and Tactics

And we’ll cover all these elements, what they mean and how to implement them for your own business as well as taking a look at what organisations are doing or not doing that is stopping them from achieving Marketing success.

In this episode we cover;
– How to use the D.A.R.T Marketing Methodology™
– What organisations are doing wrong when it comes to formulating a Marketing Strategy

Watch the episode video:

Top Tip
When it comes to the tactical elements of your marketing plan, you need to make sure that your communications are the three C’s:
– Consistently produced
– Consideration for who it is created for and why
– Connection to the right audience

Favourite Quote
‘If you don’t have the financial resources, or the knowhow, or the manpower, let’s scale it back and let’s look at… What resources do we have to work with?’ So true, but sometimes we are suspectable to overreaching and not being able to make the impact we want. Start small (the smallest viable audience as Seth Godin would say) and build from there.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode
No one has a finite budget and what budget you have will have a detrimental effect on what you can or can’t do, so be resourceful. Look at what you want to achieve in the relevant timescales and apportion accordingly.

If it’s content you need to create in the first instance, focus on doing this before pushing this out to your audience, or perhaps content isn’t the issue and project managing a campaign is where you need to pay attention? Regardless, always focus on those elements that will help achieve your main goals and objectives.

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