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How competitive are you? And how important is this in a business sense? Well it is one of the core components of the 4C’s of Marketing Communication, so we’ll find out later.

First, let’s meet our guest, Ella Orr, who is now a freelance Social Media Manager after previously spending a career within teaching. So site down, shut up and listen!

Ella started with knowing, literally nothing about social and now creates bespoke social media strategies and delivers training on all the platforms you’d expect – to small businesses, local organisations and charities. What a journey!


– Like Ella, whatever you are wanting to do… just start. You will be amazed how far you can get in next to no time. So if it is your studies, a marketing plan or learning a new skill, just freaking start!

– Here are Ella’s top 5 tips for small businesses when starting out on a social journey:

1 – Learn from the best – Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. They know what they are doing and there is loads of free ‘stuff’ to help you start
2 – Training – Get to it! Learn and implement
3 – Have a strategic approach. Like everything you do, you need to know why, for who and what. It’s the same here
4 – Focus on one platform at a time
5 – Test, measure and review – simple

– And finally, keep an open mind, don’t dismiss anything until you’ve tried it a least once.

Top Tip – The 4C’s of Marketing Communication: Competitiveness

Competitiveness, some have more than others, but for a business, it is hugely important when it comes to communication.

When we discuss competitiveness, what we mean is our competitive advantage against our competition, what gives you that edge? And whatever this is, it should be consistent throughout all your communications. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive in your approach, far from it, you just have to be different enough to stand out. This could be using the quality of product or service, pricing structure or model or even utilising differentiation and challenging the mould – Think how Uber, Apple or McDonalds uses their communications to highlight why they are different.

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