I recently went on a little trip into Europe (not bragging, it’s fact), but going to the airport, moving slowly through a robust security process and flying to my destination reminded me of how important it is to consider a customers experience (sometimes called UX).

Interactions with organisations can stir up emotions, especially when purchasing something of high value, a considered purchase or something that has seemed like an age to wait for. For an organisation it is easy to forget the experience of a customer (singular), when having to also consider other elements such as production, employees and day to day management.

Every touch-point in a customers journey is important to that one customer and each journey can be different as we all experience things differently (different tastes and expectations for example).

Airline travel is a great case-in-point, each experience will be different from security to the seat you choose on the plane (pre- defined or a free for all)!

Think about it like this:

Security – payment (especially online)
Safety – inputting customer details (will they be safe and secure)
Flying – nerves (have you made the right decision – you’ve hit pay, handed over your card, what if it wasn’t as safe and secure as you thought, will the goods or services be delivered)

The important factor in this is – will you recommend or go back? What was your experience like and was it enough to give the company some much wanted loyalty? After all customer retention should be high on any businesses wish list.

It’s the moments of truth within a customers journey that will determine this – the lasting feeling and emotions that can be either positive or negative.

Happy Travels / Marketing!

What are your companies ‘moments of truth’ and have you considered each one and how important it is to each one of your customers?