Do you think that robots will end civilisation as we know it? Quite a heavy question to start off with, so lets just discuss what Chat Bots are for now and make our way up to that one, but only after we meet Julia McCoy.

Julia’s back story is a little different – only seven years ago, Julia started her own company and has never looked back, with nearly one hundred members of staff now on board. Express Writers is a writing agency that cerates content, helping to build a brands presence online.


– Your light bulb moment. Have you had any? Don’t panic if not, they will come. The important thing is to keep on going.

– Content creation and storytelling is massively important within Marketing today, but so many are doing it themselves and that is fine, as long as they know what they are doing. If not, bring in the pros. Take fixing your roof for example, the chances are you wouldn’t tackle that on your limited expertise (unless you’re a roofer) you’d call a professional and content creation is no different.

– There are many ways to measure or analyse your content other than your income. Julia describes a few of these as:

– Lead generation
– Bottom-line sales and growth
– Engagement, shares, likes (basically gaining trust through content)

Yes this last one is a little bit inside the vanity metrics bracket but as long as they are seen as just part of your analysis, you can gain valuable insight into your strategy by reviewing them – just don’t rely on these solely.

– When writing an assignment or essay, get everything down, even if you think its rubbish…. and then walk away. We’ve mentioned this before as a top tip. Walking away, getting some space between you and your work can recharge and reset the brain. If you start to do this as a rinse and repeat cycle it will start to become second nature and really help you in completing a great assignment.

Chat Bots

So what is a chat bot?

You may have heard it called another term: smartbot, talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, conversational interface or artificial conversational entity, but lets stick with chat bot for now.

A chat bot is a computer program that mimics conversation with people using artificial intelligence (via audio or copy). They can transform the way we interact over the Internet from a series of self-initiated task and conversations.

We’ll get to an example in a minute but I just want to break this down for you.

What we are saying it that instead of having a conversation with a human over the Internet, we are chatting to software that has been programmed to respond to particular phrases that the majority of consumer would use.

But lets step this up a level. The most recent incarnation of these is what Google calls ‘Google Assistant’ which works in a slightly different way in that a user firstly has to ask Google to arrange something, in this instance a hair appointment. This is what happened:

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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