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Dot Lung

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Active monthly users on Facebook: 2.5 billion (statista.com)
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If there was a formula to make your Instagram really do the business, gain attention, engagement and really start to work for you, would you be interested in this?

Our guest this week is Dot Lung, the Mother of Social Dragons (and if you haven’t guessed by the title, a Game of Thrones fan) has that formula!

And although this theme can be seen throughout all that Dot does, think complete integration and on-brand across all channels, there is a serious side behind the dragons, eggs and mythical connotations, because Dot is leading the field with her work on social media. The intro on her website dotlung.com states ‘I live 24/7 on all platforms’ and now works with businesses and individuals across the globe (or seven kingdoms) helping them to create an optimum digital experience for their brand or personal identity.

And Dot is here today to share her experience and learnings to improve your own online social presence and talk us through her DRAGONS formula!


– Your vibe attracts your tribe. And this all about being authentic to who you are and telling this to the world in a way that resonates to those that will be attracted to what you have to offer. No sales pitch, no promo, just your own unique vibe.

– It’s not about the B2B or B2C, it’s all about the H2H (human to human) connections and building relationships. Dot does this by being consistent in developing raw and real content. Ditch the fake! See the pattern here. No sales pitch or hard sell, just connections to build long-term relationships.

– And finally, of course, the DRAGONS formula. I’d suggest rewinding this episode and going back to 35.20 and listening to this part again as following Dots, on brand and on message formula will help you in developing your own social content. Even just following a fraction of this formula will change your social skill for the good.

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