It’s a Marketing Study Lab special! Regular programming will resume shortly but for today, enjoy as we talk all things creative!

Yes, the first special, needs a special guest and I am delighted to be accompanied on this episode by Mr. Dave Birss, who amongst some other titles, which we’ll find out about a bit later on is the author of ‘How to Get to Great Ideas?’ a book all about, well, getting great ideas.

Before we get stuck into the innovative world that Dave has create in this book I just want to let you all know that it is out tomorrow, links in the show notes as always, but forget the notes, just go to Amazon, type in Dave Birss and you’ll see it – its yellow and has squiggles on the front.

Once you’ve pre-ordered it, you will be given an access code that will allow you to listen to the rest of this episode in any language you want – so keep a look out for that code, if you cant find it, not to worry, the default language is English / Scottish so you should be fine if you’ve understood the first part of this intro.


– There are two types of thinking; Creative thinking and doing thinking, where some people are better at creativity and others are more doers.

– Innovative thinking can be taught, it’s not something you are born with or without. Dave describes it as the input defining the output – if your creativity input is minimal the how do you expect the output to be any different. The same with any type of system really.

– And speaking of systems, from a business perspective it is said there can be two types. A stifling system where it is all about control and there are layers of fear dominating the hierarchical structure or there is a system of liberation and freethinking.

For more of the creative stuff, get Dave’s book and lets all start to think about getting great ideas!

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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