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Michelle Gately 

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Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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It’s easy to forget how powerful a good blog can be – Even WordPress started as a bloggers best friend. But now we have more social apps than ever, it’s easy to create audio and videos and some say that many can’t even sentence a string together!

That’s why we all need Michelle Gately in our corner. Michelle has been blogging since 2012, for laughs, but now takes it a little more seriously and helps businesses create engaging online content and build deep relationships with their audience.

And who doesn’t want that?

In this episode we cover what you need to consider to develop a successful blog;
– The heading, content and layout
– How to incorporate SEO
– Is there a perfect number to post?
– How should we be repurposing this blog content
– How to get people to read it
– Continual mistakes people are making

Watch the episode video:


Top Tip
As headlines are hugely important and we use these in attracting and persuading people that our posts are worth reading, using tools such as Coschedues headline analyser can help to boost the power of your headlines.

Favourite Quote
‘A sentence should be a labour to write, not to read’ attributed to Joe Moran from his book ‘First You Write a Sentence’ which typifies what writing is all about. Write for your audience.

And Finally, the Most Important Takeaway from this Episode
Is about repurposing your blog content. A great way to do this (or at least to start to understand how you can repurpose it) is to chop each blog post into sections, with each section becoming mini pieces of content that can be either elaborated on or used to entice readers to the whole article.

This should provide you with enough content to fill anyone’s calendar.

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