I don’t like to over promise and under deliver and I don’t think I have with yet another special episode. This wasn’t supposed to be a special, but as its all about podcasting, I think I got a bit caught up in the whole discussion and that was so easy to do with my guest today, John Lim.

John is an Entrepreneur, no doubt. A TEDx and public speaker, podcast host and author, which includes an adult colouring book! Check it out (links in the show notes as usual) to all the good stuff)

John is the executive producer and host of the podcast series, Moving Forward, which has reached listeners in over 50 countries, where John speaks to entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers, so he is in the perfect position to give us the low-down on podcasting and why it needs to be part of your comms mix.


– Podcasting can be a powerful tool as it allows you to learn and share. If it wasn’t for the power of the podcast, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure in talking to John and you wouldn’t have the honour of listening to him.

Podcasting can also help with brand awareness in many different ways. It can provide proof of knowledge, status, culture, beliefs, word of mouth, passive listening, credibility and also that all important awareness.

– Podcasting can fit into your comms mix at any stage of a customer journey, it can connect you to strangers that may never have heard of you at the top of the funnel, through engaging and developing a relationship of know, like and trust, through to cultivating the customer by providing a call to action in a none intrusive way.

– And remember, the key to a good podcast is the make sure the topic is something you love talking about. Most podcasts don’t get past 20 to 30 episodes, so plan it out and make sure you can be consistent and more importantly, loving it!

Top Tip

John was gracious enough to share a top tip of how to maximise your time when you feel you are mega busy and can’t fit anymore into your day!

Do a time audit on every part of your day, do this for a week or two and then look back to see how much time your are apportioning to every element of your life and is this time being used wisely?

In doing this you will start to see gaps where time spent is inefficient and how much time you can devote to your studies… and then plan ahead, get a plan and map out your studies.

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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