Watch the Heathrow Bears Christmas Advert here

What doesn’t this advert have going for it? OK, perhaps not the battle scenes out of Star Wars but it does have almost everything else. But more importantly, it plays on emotions, tells a story that you are draw into and utilises not the speed of air travel, or the efficiency of baggage claim, but that fact that through the ages, Heathrow has been reuniting people that have been apart.

The emotions that are evoked within this 120 seconds of video is quite something:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Humour
  • Nostalgia
    (pick one and it’s in there).

All this wrapped up with a very understated soft sell. The brand is subtle, the message is intoxicating and it is easy to relate to, running through the ages of air travel seamlessly from the 1960’s to today. Top this off with the use of teddies as the main characters (evoking childhood memories of wishing your toys were real…..or was that just me) and this is a winner.

Hats off to Heathrow and @HavasLondon – Merry Christmas.