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You would think that three redundancies in 12 months would dampen anyone’s spirits, but our guest this week Stacey Kehoe now runs two successful businesses – a property investment firm and a Digital Marketing Agency.

From this digital agency Stacey has helped to enhance over 500 digital marketing campaigns across the UK, US and Australia using two method –

The Game Changer Method and The Content Waterfall Methodology.

Stacey is also the author behind ‘Get Online’, in it Stacy covers the 6 simple steps that you need to know to create your own digital marketing strategy. The best bit is, it was purposely made for the non-tech savvy, offline businesses.

And we cover all of this in this weeks episode.


– I love the fact that Stacey has kept things simple with her six C’s Game Changer Strategy and I suggest you start to utilise these within your business:

– Connect
– Create
– Captivate
– Capture
– Converse
– Convert

– Also the Content Waterfall, this could be another game changer. Start with a singular piece of content and start to repurpose it. You’d be amazed how far this will stretch and the engagement you will achieve

– And finally, traditional marketing is not dead, far from it. It can be difficult but it’s always worth throwing it out there as the more we focus on digital, the more gaps will appear in traditional channels. But remember, don’t be dull or dry, be creative, stand out and most of all, enjoy the process of figuring it all out

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