In this weeks episode we take a look at McKinsey’s 7S’s, find out more later. First we’re going to chat to Kevin Tewis-Allen, a chap with one of the most impressive if a little random resumes. Kevin has worked for anyone and everyone from being the CMO at Street Soccer Foundation to the marketing advisor at number 10 Downing Street – I think he’s the first guest to hold that accolade.

He’s also worked for UNILAD, founded a music production house and helped most of the top 250 FTSE firms improve their business through improved customer strategy, as well as being a leading expert of what we currently class as Gen-Z.



– Who are Gen-Z. We all have categories we fit in and Gen-Z is no different. The 12-24 year olds that have known nothing but a word with digital technologies at its heart and have a nack for working out the truth from the lies. But the main takeaway here for Marketers is that they are not brand loyal and have a great affinity those organisations that champion the cause.

– When everything looks the same on social channels it is important to be different with your creative. Remember, visualization is key to being different, but you only have a 1.7 second window to gain interest and engage, so make it exciting.

– And finally, even Kevin doesn’t believe he understood the power of a CIM qualification when he was studying. Researching and understanding marketing strategy and the theory behind it means you start to become aware of various elements such as risk, factors, markets micro-climates and what is going on around you, the basis for where your planning should start.


McKinsey’s 7S’s

This model is made up of 7 internal factors that need to be aligned if it is to be successful. If one is impacted, this impacts the rest. So these 7S’s are made up of hard elements (as they are easier to define):


And the softer elements:

Shared Values

In reviewing each element of this framework it will become apparent how well an organisation will perform throughout a set strategic approach and where issues may occur and need to be addressed.

Other areas that this framework looks to address are:

  • Improve the performance of a company
  • Examine the likely effects of future changes within a company
  • Align departments and processes during a merger or acquisition
  • Determine how best to implement a proposed strategy


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