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I love LinkedIn, its where I find most of my amazing guests, but I want to highlight the importance of this platform for you, personally, but that’s for later.

Let’s meet Laurie Wright, Publishing Strategist and Children’s Author. Laurie not only writes amazing, helpful books for children, but also helps others get their own books published and selling on Amazon (the selling part is key here), this is if they are any good. Laurie even helps you discover if your idea for a book has got a chance as well, with online courses, help and advice (the Sucky or Stupendous book idea course, which is absolutely free).


– Laurie was kind enough to take us through the steps to getting a book published online:
1 – Firstly make sure you have a good story (and get someone who is not dependent on you for food to give you some honest feedback)
2 – Find an illustrator, even if it’s just for the cover artwork
3 – Get your formatting right! Find someone who knows what they’re doing here
4 – Upload it (Amazon makes this as simple as)
5 – Push that big red ‘Publish’ button!!!!

– You’ve published, so now what – What do you do to get your book discovered. Laurie says:
1 – Make sure you are ‘copywriting’ and not ‘creative’ writing in your description
2 – Find your hook, why people need this book in their lives
3 – And make sure you format correctly – Headings, keywords, spacing
4 – The first month is vital – especially on Amazon
5 – And in this first month and thereafter, reviews are your lifeblood!

– And finally, taking you right back to the start: Be consistent. Laurie explains this in terms of writing a book, but I think it goes for most things in life – learning, assignment writing, research, exam prep, even in your own working environment. Book out that time (no pun intended), find your rhythm and be consistent in what you do.

Top Tip – LinkedIn

I find a lot of my guests on LinkedIn, personally love the platform. But this top tip is simply to highlight how influential this platform may be for you as you grow and build your own influential career. And there is one experiment that highlights it perfectly.

What I want you to do is type your own name into Google, hopefully you don’t have a generic name, but even if you do, give it a go. I almost guarantee you that the first search result (or certainly on the first search result page), you will see a link to your (or ‘insert generic name here’) LinkedIn profile – If you have a LinkedIn account of course – even if this was set up years ago and you’ve not done much with it. It will almost certainly appear.

And that is the influential power of LinkedIn.

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