Free Resources

Free Resources

It's all FREE, yes, FREE (well almost - it still won't cost you a penny). I am a strong believer that sharing knowledge can only benefit those who are willing to listen, so I hope you are listening.
If after soaking up some of this content you feel like learning a little more, get in touch and we can discuss any questions you may have about Marketing, qualifications or just whatever may be on your mind - we are quite friendly - and the offer of a quick brew never goes amiss!
If you've soaked up all you can, then great, my job here is done. All I ask is that you share these resources with someone that may also benefit from them. Then your job here is done.

Marketing Study Lab Podcast

Bringing you value packed podcasts that cover a whole host of topics to build into your study programme. What you will hear will help you with your studies by covering:
- Interviews with inspirational professionals and thought leaders within Marketing
- Discuss the different types of assignment and exam questions asked
- Top tips for passing assignments and exams
- Key Marketing themes, theories, tools and techniques


It just wouldn't be a site all about Marketing without a blog would it and I would hate to disappoint.
We try and bring thought provoking and interesting articles to the Marketing Study Lab website for you to read at your own leisure. We cover everything from theory based discussions to a look at why people will say anything to sell water!
You will also find hints and tip about for you to consume, digest and regurgitate when, that doesn’t sound right, but hopefully you get the meaning anyway, enjoy.

Marketing Post-Its (Professionally Simple)

Short videos that will cover a variation of topics and insight within the Marketing genre. They are short, simple, eay to follow, but effective in their communication.
I get it, you don't have much time in your busy day to consume 30-40 minute videos. That's why these videos are short, snappy and to the point, meaning you don't have to stop, look and listen for very long to gain insightful words of wisdom!


This is where you’ll find all those resources you hear us talk about at Marketing Study Lab, especially those from the podcast where we ask our superstar guests (and they are all amazing with lots of value to offer);
- What their most used app is
- What books they would recommend you read
- What theory, models and concepts they love
- And of course all the golden nuggets each and everyone kindly gives
Not only this but we try and give you all the links you will need to help you with your studies and qualifications.