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John Espirian

Content DNA: https://amzn.to/3cD3yCh

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

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It takes a long time to be known for your craft and we shouldn’t look for hacks, cheats or quick fixes, we need to build slowly and correctly.

It’s an honour to welcome back to the podcast, John Espirian, the relentlessly helpful copywriter, Johns first appearance was way back in episode 32, but now he has a new book out called Content DNA (link as always in the show notes) which is packed with ideas and helpful tips on how to get noticed, remembered and preferred through being the same ‘shape’ everywhere you show up.

In this episode we focus on 3 chapters of the book;
Chapter 5 – Being known for one thing and how we do this
Chapter 12 – Social media bad practice. What should we avoid doing?
Chapter 23 – Writing and finding the right content ideas

Watch the episode video: https://youtu.be/FeN1ymkJ9SM


– You need to find that one thing you want to be known for. Got it? No? Well follow Johns steps to get there – What do you enjoy doing most and what brings the most value? Finding one without the other just won’t work or it’s going to make you miserable, so it’s worth taking the time to work this out.

– John took us through the bad practices he sees on LinkedIn. These are;
Engagement pods,
Generic invitations,
Don’t ignore people – make sure you’re engaging,
The follow, unfollow,
Tag walls – no one wants to be another brick in a wall!

– Don’t have a 1 month plan, or even a 12 month plan. Focus on 30 months. This gives you the time to build up a reputation or as Mark Schafer puts it – being ‘known’. This can seem daunting, but will pay off as there are no shortcuts here, so rewind, listen to Johns wise words and go implement.

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