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Winnie Sun

Enjoy the Episode – Happy Marketing!

This episode is all about finance, which is something that can be a difficult topic to discuss from a business or personal perspective.

So in this episode we’re chatting to Winnie Sun, found of the Sun Group Wealth Partners but more importantly for us, Winne makes money talk relatable.

A contributor for Forbes and having appearances on CNBC, ABC, CBS and Fox Business, Winnie is committed to helping anyone with their finance from those with millions to invest to the smaller $100 savings.

Some of the actionable tips that we discuss are;

– What should we be doing with our money now
– What not to do
– And what we should be doing in times of change or even crisis

Check out the episode video: https://youtu.be/W5k94RqhS0E


– You need to start taking money seriously…. And start talking about it! So many comparisons with going the gym here. You need to be consistent, take it seriously and work on it daily. Don’t expect to know everything as soon as you walk through those financial doors either. Take your time and learn, build and grow.

– Make sure you have a purpose, work out how this can make money and do the back tracking to figure out where to start. You have so much more chance of winning if you are passionate about what you do and what brings the money in.

– And finally, have a plan! But not just one plan, many. In a world where we are told to niche down, go deep and own this space (which is so true), there is no reason you can’t do this for multiple spaces and multiple niches. As Winne said, which is so prevalent to the times we live in, make sure you have a plan B, C, D and E – if plan A isn’t working, you still have 4 plans to fall back on.

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