Episode 9 – Branded Content. It’s As Easy As ABCD – Andrew Canter BCMA (Institute of Branded Content)


Andrew Canter is amongst the leading practitioners in branded content with over twenty five years experience.

Global CEO of the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the branded content industry where he was instrumental in developing the global content monitoring evaluation system as well as launching the Institute of Content Marketing. As you can image we cover a lot of different topic including branded content, the ABCDE Model (Activate Branded Content, Distribute it, Evaluate it) and how digital has physically changed how we view content.

– Hard work has got Andrew to where he is today. Not only that, but being in an environment that encourages interaction and learning from others

– The published definition of Branded Content, as Andrew so eloquently put it is:
Branded Content is any output, full or partly funded or at least endorsed by the legal owner of the brand which promotes the owners brand and values and makes audiences choose to engage with the brand based on a pull logic to its entertainment, information and / or educational value. And it is part of a 42 page report, so there is certainly more research to go through if Andrew has ignited your flame for all things branded content.

– Regardless of the size of an organisation, setting objectives and common goals provide focus and clarity for the entire business, indeed best practice, especially with content branded marketing which is why the BCMA basically exists! Offering toolkits to create and understand what great content can do for a business. Check out the website – thebcma.info

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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