Episode 8 – The (P)RACE To Digital Success – Dave Chaffey (Digital Marketing Guru)


Author, digital strategist, co-founder of one of the, if not the go-to website for digital marketers, you can already see the value that this will bring you. Not only that but we another top tip to help you with your studies as well as discussing yet another December 2018 CIM assignment. But first lets meet Dr Dave Chaffey. In 1997 Dave provided his first training course for online strategy to the CIM,a year later created his first website and then went on to write his first book on Digital back in 2000 at a time when Smart Phones, 4G, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Spotify didn’t even exist!

Dave is also the co-founder of Smart Insights, the library of digital marketing resources, author of numerous digital marketing books many of which have found there way onto the CIMs reading list for many modules and is famed more recently for creating the RACE model, a planning system for digital marketing.

– You can have a separate digital strategy, if it is focusing on a step change or introducing a new strategic direction into a business, but as this becomes the norm and integration has occurred it should be incorporated into a wider business plan.

– segmentation, targeting and generating customer personas is always a great place to start and then plan, it’s the silent P, but shouldn’t go unheard

– Integrating experiences is more important then ever and although technology is improving efficiency for businesses it is important not to forget that many customer journeys don’t start and end on the same platform or even device if a device at all.

– Finally, Dave said that Google is your friend, but smartinsights.com is definitely your digital marketing friend

Top Tip – The weight of it All
Each task within an assignment will have a specific number of marks apportioned to it and it is pivotal that you understand the weighting of these marks per question as this can make writing your assignment much easier in terms of how much content is needed to answer a question to the satisfaction required to gain top marks.

In quantifying each questions weight before you start your assignment will help to keep each answer focused and on point.

Remember there are no additional marks per task, so don’t go looking for them. Of course you will want to answer the question to the best of your ability and as comprehensively as possible and you should indeed look to do this, but if one question is worth 8 marks and another worth 20, then it makes sense that the question with the more marks will need to include more detail and a lengthy answer compared to the other.

One pitfall can be completing one question that you are more comfortable with at length, even when unnecessary as no further ‘additional marks’ will be attributed. You may get a pat on the back and a well done, but this won’t help your grading as you have taken vital content away from other areas of your assignment that needed a much lengthier, structured answer.

Respect the marking!

Assignment Question – L4 Digital Marketing (2103) – Dec 2018 (1b)
It is important to always remember that these assignments are focused around an organisation of your choice, which means each answer will be personalised to you and your chosen organisation. So when it comes to discussing questions that are asking for the benefits of a particular marketing discipline (in this case, multi-channel) the answer must always focus on what these benefits are for the organisation you have chosen and not just generic benefits – this is where your answer will start to gain marks.

So where to begin, well first off the question is asking for three benefits, no more, no less, so don’t try and sneak an additional benefit in it will do you no good. The question is also asking for the BENEFITS, not the disadvantages, nor how these would be implemented, just the benefits, stay focused.

But what could these benefits be? This is where your research kicks in and depending on your industry and target markets multi-channel marketing can offer a whole host of benefits such as increased interaction with your audience, multiple touch-points, additional data streams, the ability to retarget and remarket or the potential long-term cost savings multi-channeling can bring.

So the question is, what benefits could a multi-channel marketing approach offer your chosen organisation?

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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Smart Insights:

(P)RACE Model: https://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/race-a-practical-framework-to-improve-your-digital-marketing/