Episode 6 – The Yoda of Marketing (The Force is Strong with this One) Part 1 – Mark Ritson (Marketing Guru)


Part 1 of 2: Mark Ritson is an adjunct professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, helping to develop the mini MBA with Marketing Week and also writing an award winning column in the same publication. His accolades are endless and Mark offers so much value that we’ve split this into a two parter…. you lucky people.

Take Aways (Part 1)
– Mark has seen at least 1,500 years worth of marketing plans being executed and reviewed and very tongue in check called himself the Yoda of Marketing, which on a more serious note just highlights the fact that he is in a prime position to offer advice and guidance for some of the biggest brands in the world!

– But Mark is also an academic through and through, believing that a healthy mix of theory and practical application is vitally important. Do you practice what you preach or even preach what you practice?

– Digital hasn’t changed the basics of marketing, they are still all the from the 4 P’s upwards, Digital has simply provided another platform to integrate into marketing plans

and we’ll hear more from Jedi Mark on the next episode..

Happy Marketing Everyone!

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Mini MBA: https://mba.marketingweek.com

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